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Books by Cole Davis


SPSS Step by Step:
Essentials for Social and Political Science

SPSS for Applied Sciences:
Basic Statistical Testing

Statistical Testing in Practice
with StatsDirect

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Other works


Cole Davis photograph

Writer, researcher and polymath,
Cole is probably best known for his
short practical books on statistical testing.

Writing for a wide range
of audiences, he likes to stimulate thought
with clear enjoyable prose.

Other written works have included
a careers adviser's handbook,
a work of applied philosophy,
a couple of novels
and some short stories.

Another creation is CareerSteer,
the international career choice web site
which he created in his days as a psychologist.

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Examples from the books

If you are working independently and do not have access to SPSS, then StatsDirect is inexpensive and easy to use. advertising methods and sales, business product ratings, complaints, debt and help take-up, examination retakes, management courses and promotions, office complaints, political confidence, social attitudes, sports and stress/arousal, supermarket product placement, youth offending and drink driving rehabilitation schemes

SPSS users in education, nursing, midwifery, marketing, general business and management are advised to use the social sciences book. advertising methods and sales, complaints, debt and help take-up, examination results, housing services, management courses and promotions, medical drugs and illnesses, office conditions, organisational failures, political confidence, political broadcast effects, sports and stress/arousal, stimuli in health and social care settings, supermarket product placement, teaching techniques, youth offending and drink driving rehabilitation schemes

SPSS users in medicine, pharmaceuticals,
farm management, ecology and land-based disciplines would probably prefer the applied sciences book.
agriculture, arboriculture, audiology, biology, computer science, ecology, engineering, epidemiology, farming and farm management, hydrology, medicine, ophthalmology, pharmacology, physiotherapy, spectroscopy and sports science

If the software is irrelevant to you (e.g. you are interested in tests in general or use different software), then opt for one of the SPSS books, as these contain more tests than the (earlier) StatsDirect book and also rather more statistical theory.
In general, individual readers are not advised to buy more than one of these books, as the data sets and tests are fairly similar in all volumes.