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Cole Davis

SPSS Step by Step:
Essentials for Social and Political Science

SPSS for Applied Sciences:
Basic Statistical Testing

Statistical Testing in Practice
with StatsDirect


Other works




Quantitative and qualitative research in the following areas:
  • Market research for businesses, charities and educational establishments
  • Educational research, including project evaluation and opinion surveys
  • Medical research, relating to medical administration and also psychiatry
  • Publishing research, based on analysis of Twitter follower demographics


  • Books on statistical testing, including for CSIRO
    and Policy Press
  • Research reports
  • A handbook for careers guidance practitioners
  • Novels, short stories and applied philosophy
  • Marketing copy

Software development

  • Creation of online questionnaires, with interactive pages and storage databases
  • Semi-automation of cluster analysis procedures in R
  • Software evaluation
  • Creator of the internationally recognised career choice diagnostic tool, Careersteer
  • Traffic simulation research, with ‘on-board’ statistical analysis of different driving modes


  • Monitoring and evaluating other educational researchers
  • Director of a language school in Russia
  • Warden on a college campus with a remit to reduce crime
  • Senior roles in residential care


In addition to the main duties of an author, I have:
  • compiled special contact lists for my publishers’ marketing teams
  • ran targeted Twitter campaigns
  • wrote, copy-edited and proof-read marketing copy
  • reviewed books on research
  • proof-read psychological research reports
  • advised on website hosting services
  • ‘smooth’ proof read for Project Gutenberg (feedback: ‘an unusually high hit rate’)
  • reviewed and copy-edited self-published books
look upon my works, ye mighty (Ozymandias)

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