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SPSS Step by Step:
Essentials for Social and Political Science

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SPSS Step by Step: Essentials for Social and Political Science, by Cole Davis

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"This book is an easy and informative read. The author gives lots of practical examples with clear, workable instructions illustrated by useful SPSS screenshots. There are innovative sections on qualitative analysis and survival analysis. The book is an excellent introduction to SPSS for the novice, and a handy reference guide for the more experienced user who needs to refresh their memory."
Dr Helen Kara, Managing Director, We Research It Ltd;
Associate Research Fellow, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham

"A sound and engaging introduction to SPSS. In writing this book Davis has turned what could be a rather grey topic into an engaging process of discovery. Much of this is down to his tone, which is affable and resolutely avoids any taint of the dry `expertism' sometimes associated with manuals of this kind. In fact, it is a book readily digested in one sitting, something marking it out against other introductions to research methods. This speed of reading is assisted by the lucidity of Davis' prose and the rarity with which the reader needs to re-read any of his sentences to gain their full sense.

"The structure, too, works well. Davis has organised the book into clearly demarcated sections. The first, `background knowledge', provides a simple, effective introduction to data and the type of statistics involved in SPSS. The second, `statistical testing', guides the reader through each statistical test effectively and economically, with instructions that are easy to follow. Throughout, the text is supported by clear and well-chosen illustrations. Additionally, the book contains practical exercises, with answers provided at the rear. This, of course, encourages the reader to practise and test their learning as they progress. A very worthwhile introduction, to my mind."
Nigel Rayment, Director, Magnified Learning

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