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Statistical Testing in Practice with StatsDirect, by Cole Davis Reviews of this book

"Working through the examples in Statistical Testing in Practice was a most instructive experience. I can highly recommend this smallish book to anyone starting with StatsDirect. I especially like the philosophical sentiments interspersed in the text and also the 'real world' statements. I am richer statistically for reading it."
Steven Chan, Professor of Surgery, Western Hospital, The University of Melbourne

"Not a lecture, but a discussion with the reader; walks the reader through. There are hundreds of statistics books out there, but no competition, as they're very dry. I enjoyed reading it."
Dr Nicholas Jones, lecturer in mathematics

"The chapter on qualitative analysis is remarkable. There is nothing like it in any of the statistics literature."
Dr George Clegg, scientist

"Very well written and straightforward for someone who is just starting out in research, in a managerial position or just about to start out on that most daunting task, their thesis. The exercises helped a lot. I have more of a perspective of what I am reading, especially the p values."
Kerin Freeman, science editor

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