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Cole Davis

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Other works


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Cole's other works have included short stories,
two of them published in Russia:

The Day the Beer Ran Out, humorous satirical science fiction

Now We Have, a dystopia

As well as a manual on careers guidance used in some colleges and the internationally recognised career choice computer program CareerSteer, Cole has written a couple of novels and a well-reviewed but currently unpublished work of applied philosophy:

The Stone Age Now - Save the World and Be Happy

This brings together evolutionary and social psychology, economics, history and politics. People tend to view the world outside their immediate circle with increasing hostility or a damaging lack of concern. This may well have been adaptive in primitive societies, but has less of a place in an interconnected, potently armed and voraciously consuming world. The book examines aspects of this such as religious violence, political animosity and the road to genocide before becoming something of a societal self-help book, looking at the relationship between the individual and the state, asking if the individual is as powerless as he or she makes out to be and in an atmosphere of economic fear and environmental deterioration wondering if we can act to prevent the world from explosion or implosion.