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Cole Davis

SPSS Step by Step:
Essentials for Social and Political Science

SPSS for Applied Sciences:
Basic Statistical Testing

Statistical Testing in Practice
with StatsDirect


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Cole has conducted research in business and marketing, education and careers guidance, health and social attitudes.

Employers have included charities, educational and health organisations and the British government.

Projects have included survey creation and analysis, service evaluation, software evaluation, interviews, focus groups and report writing.

Comments about research and report writing by Cole Davis

The most distinctive research style I've ever encountered.
- Senior Researcher.

Balanced, clear reporting.
- Research commissioner, quasi-autonomous non-governmental body.

The report is excellent and just what we needed (and were hoping for). As before, a first class job.
- Research commissioner, charitable organisations.

Made a dry subject readable. So different from the norm.
- Journalist / proof-reader.

I now understand all those p values, after all these years.
- Scientific editor / proof-reader.

Never any problems with your number-work.
- Statistician.

Excellent. Just what I wanted [again].
- Research commissioner, career guidance organisation.