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SPSS for Applied Sciences - Basic Statistical Testing


          Part 1: Pre–test considerations
                      Chapter 1 - Introduction
                      Chapter 2 - Descriptive and inferential statistics introduced
                      Chapter 3 - Parametric and non-parametric tests
                      Chapter 4 - Using SPSS
                      Chapter 5 - Practical research

          Part 2: Using the statistical tests
                      Chapter 6 - Experiments and quasi-experiments
                      Tests include: unpaired t-test, Mann-Whitney, between subjects one-way ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis
                      paired t-test, Wilcoxon, within subjects one-way ANOVA, Friedman
                      between subjects two way ANOVA, between subjects three way ANOVA
                      within subjects two way ANOVA, within subjects three way ANOVA
                      Mixed design: two way ANOVA
                      Mixed design: three way ANOVA (2 between subjects, 1 within; also 2 within, 1 between)

                      Chapter 7 - Frequency of observations
                      Tests include: the binomial test, the McNemar test, Chi Square goodness of fit test
                      customized expected values with Chi Square goodness of fit, Chi Square test of association

                      Chapter 8 - The time until events
                      Tests include: the Kaplan–Meier survival function, tests of significance, the life table

                      Chapter 9 - Correlations, regression and factor analysis
                      Tests include: Pearson, Spearman / Kendall's tau b, simple linear regression
                      multiple regression, partial correlation, multiple correlation, factor analysis

          Part 3: Miscellaneous
                      Chapter 10 - Exercises
                      Chapter 11 - Reporting in applied settings
                      Chapter 12 - Advanced statistical techniques – a taster


                      SPSS for Applied Sciences - Basic Statistical Testing by Cole Davis was published by CSIRO in August 2013.
                      Book numbers:
                      Epdf:   ISBN:  978-0643107113   
                      Epub:   ISBN:  978-0643107120   
                      Kindle:   ASIN: B00EP7QCCE


                      This book, which uses statistics without mathematical formulae, may be purchased as ebooks: pdf, epub and Kindle.
                      Links to ebook versions are available on the website of the publisher, CSIRO.