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SPSS for Applied Sciences - Basic Statistical Testing


          Part 1: Pre–test considerations
                      Chapter 1 - Introduction
                      Chapter 2 - Descriptive and inferential statistics introduced
                      Chapter 3 - Parametric and non-parametric tests
                      Chapter 4 - Using SPSS
                      Chapter 5 - Practical research

          Part 2: Using the statistical tests
                      Chapter 6 - Experiments and quasi-experiments
                      Tests include: unpaired t-test, Mann-Whitney, between subjects one-way ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis
                      paired t-test, Wilcoxon, within subjects one-way ANOVA, Friedman
                      between subjects two way ANOVA, between subjects three way ANOVA
                      within subjects two way ANOVA, within subjects three way ANOVA
                      Mixed design: two way ANOVA
                      Mixed design: three way ANOVA (2 between subjects, 1 within; also 2 within, 1 between)

                      Chapter 7 - Frequency of observations
                      Tests include: the binomial test, the McNemar test, Chi Square goodness of fit test
                      customized expected values with Chi Square goodness of fit, Chi Square test of association

                      Chapter 8 - The time until events
                      Tests include: the Kaplan–Meier survival function, tests of significance, the life table

                      Chapter 9 - Correlations, regression and factor analysis
                      Tests include: Pearson, Spearman / Kendall's tau b, simple linear regression
                      multiple regression, partial correlation, multiple correlation, factor analysis

          Part 3: Miscellaneous
                      Chapter 10 - Exercises
                      Chapter 11 - Reporting in applied settings
                      Chapter 12 - Advanced statistical techniques – a taster


                      SPSS for Applied Sciences - Basic Statistical Testing by Cole Davis was published by CSIRO in August 2013.
                      Book numbers:
                      Paperback:   ISBN-13:  978- 0643107106    ISBN-10:  064310710X
                      Epdf:   ISBN-13:  978-0643107113    ISBN-10:  1447306279
                      Epub:   ISBN-13:  978-0643107120   
                      Kindle:   ASIN: B00EP7QCCE

Country Stockist for the paperback edition
Australiathe publisher, CSIRO or at Unibooks
Canadathe North American distributor Stylus
Europethe European distributor the Eurospan Bookstore
Middle Eastthe European distributor the Eurospan Bookstore
New Zealandthe University Bookshop (UBS)
North Africathe European distributor the Eurospan Bookstore
United States of Americathe North American distributor Stylus

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