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Statistical Testing in Practice with StatsDirect


          Section 1: Background knowledge
                      Chapter 1 - Introduction
                      Chapter 2 - Descriptive statistics introduced
                      Chapter 3 - Inferential statistics introduced
                      Chapter 4 - On the nature of numbers
                      Chapter 5 - Data analysis in practice

          Section 2: Statistical testing
                      Chapter 6 - The analysis of differences
                      Tests include: Wilcoxon, paired t-test, Friedman,
                      Mann-Whitney, unpaired t-test, Kruskal-Wallis, one-way ANOVA (unpaired design)

                      Chapter 7 - Qualitative research
                      Tests include: the sign test, the Chi Square goodness of fit test
                      the Chi Square test of association

                      Chapter 8 - Correlations, regression and factor analysis
                      Tests include: Spearman, Pearson, non-parametric linear regression
                      simple (parametric) linear regression, multiple regression
                      multiple correlation, principal components analysis

                      Chapter 9 - The time until events: survival analysis
                      Tests include: Kaplan-Meier, Peto's Log-Rank, Peto-Prentice Wilcoxon
                      Gehan-Breslow Wilcoxon, Tarone-Ware Wilcoxon, follow-up life table

          Section 3: Beyond the tests
                      Chapter 10 - Exercises
                      Chapter 11 - Reporting in applied research
                      Chapter 12 - A taste of further statistical methods
                      Index of tests
                      Index of concepts


                      Statistical Testing in Practice with StatsDirect by Cole Davis was published by Llumina Press in 2010.

                      Llumina Press ceased trading in July 2016, so the book is now out of print.

                      A pdf file version is still available, along with an addendum file for StatsDirect version 3.
                      Please note that copyright still applies - Cole Davis 2010.


                      This book, which uses statistics without mathematical formulae,
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