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An insight analyst with intellectual curiosity ...

Survey results with implications for the real world.


Cole Davis is an outstanding insight analyst. He performs both quantitative and qualitative survey analysis and knows when and when not to present statistical explanations. Blending clear charts and explanations, his reports integrate respondents' comments with the numerical survey data to form a readable narrative, making your survey results usable in the real world.

Design proposals are considered on merit.

Comments about survey analysis and reports by Cole Davis

  • The most distinctive research style I've ever encountered
  • Balanced, clear reporting
  • Made a dry subject readable - so different from the norm
  • Never any problems with your number-work (from a statistician)
  • Excellent. Just what I wanted (again)
  • Work your magic on the results!
  • I love what you have done with the report
    - it is absolutely fascinating and has some brilliant insights for the fundraising team
  • The cross-referencing makes a difference from things organisations can do for themselves
    - a step up from the usual
  • Reporting, Cole-style - I understood every word
  • Marvellous - many thanks for this and the quick work

Cole Davis photograph